Trendy Teen Hairstyles popular teen hairstyles

Trendy Teen Hairstyles

In the past there might be one dominant teen hairstyle that dominated a decade, such as high ponytails in the 1950′s, flips in the 1960′s, long straight hippy hair in the 1970′s and “big” hair with teased bangs in the 1980′s. Today’s teens have more choices.

Teen Hairstyles Magazines

Trendy Teen Hairstyles popular teen hairstyles

Magazines aimed especially at teens are a great source for finding current teen hairstyles. Teen Magazine Cosmo Girl and Seventeen are all good choices. Some currently as seen in these magazines include long, wavy or curly hair; medium-length hair with layers cut around the face, and short shag cuts that look girly and make facial features stand out. While highlights and other versions of professional hair color were once frowned upon for teenagers, they are now a socially acceptable and stylish way to enhance teen hairstyles.

There are also many magazines that concentrate on special occasion hairstyles for teens, mainly with proms in mind. These include Prom Guide Your Prom Seventeen Prom, Teen Prom and Cosmo Prom. Currently popular prom hairstyles for teens include half updos (hair is pulled up from the front and gathered at the sides, but the back is left down) and tumbling, loosely braided curls.

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Trendy Teen Hairstyles popular teen hairstyles

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