The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

A gray ombre hair is a two-tone hair color, in which the hair is usually darker at the roots and turns into gray, as it goes to the tips.

The gray ombre that blooms everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest captures every heart, because one – it literally suits every complexion, and two – no matter what kind and texture of hair you have, gray ombre always looks classy and sexy.

As discovered on Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Pink and Kylie Jenner, gray ombre hair can be worn and styled in so many exciting ways! Balayage ombre, reverse ombre, gray plus pastel ombre and more – you'll definitely enjoy using the hashtag GrannyHair in your social media.

Although, you have to keep in mind that going gray is a big commitment. To achieve the perfect shade of gray, your curls must be bleached, and lightened hair needs plenty of moisture and proper care at home.

It sounds like a lot of work, but deliberately letting your strands go gray might be the funniest and most fabulous thing you'll ever do. Join the gray hair movement with one of those popular gray ombre hair photos I've collected for you! See her now!

Gray silver ombre hair

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

This look is a smoky silver ombre! I've always loved the trend of gray or silver hair color as it reminds me of a relaxing rainstorm or silver fox. I am very inspired by the colors of nature!

The thing I love most about this color is how it still looks so soft and flows with the haircut, so it looks more "lived", but still fashionable and unlike your everyday blonde or brunette!

The biggest advice I can give is to understand that it will be more of a high maintenance color!

I always try to explain a few things to my clients:

1. Depending on your starting area, a color like this may take several hours to complete, or in some cases, if you are working with previous colored hair, it may take several sessions. My top priority in bleaching all hair is to keep the integrity of their hair as good as possible, and in some cases they may not be able to achieve a color like this without cutting a bit of length. That too depends on your hair history!

2. Be ready to spend the money, not only for the achievement of this color, but also for the maintenance.

Typically, a service like this one where I live will range anywhere from $ 250- $ 400, based on hair length and density.

Not only do you have to be ready to spend the money to bring you here, but once you've reached a color of blonde (this includes silver or gray at a level 8-10), you need to be ready to spend money on products for that To spend maintenance.

I always explain to my customers that a professional shampoo / conditioner and heat protection are must-have products. Not only will this help to keep your color a little longer, but it will also help with the health of your hair.

In addition, silver / gray or any kind of ashen hair color naturally fades faster from the hair than warm tones, so expect to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks for a toner to make the color look fresh and fresh! Toners can range anywhere from $ 80- $ 150 depending on the location.

Silvers are still an ongoing trend that I love playing in the salon, but customers need to remember that it can not happen right away. It may not be for them if they are unwilling to spend the money for maintenance.

Apart from that, I think that this is a trend that almost anyone can deduct from, whether they are younger, older, pale, tan, male or female. It can be fun and edgy or modern and sophisticated, and it will definitely make people turn their heads!

Dark Roots to Smokey Gray Ombre Hair

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

The haircut is long with long layers and a soft texture.

I really like the soft waves with the color melt, because it not only shows the texture of the cut, but also highlights the dimension in the color.

Before you consider a gray ombre hair color like this one, it is important to have a healthy canvas to get started. Remember, the darker the hair color is, the harder it will be to raise to a blonde platinum silver or charcoal. The process of achieving this color is quite abrasive and can perform several sessions to preserve the integrity of the hair. If your hair is currently overworked or damaged, I would strongly recommend waiting and using products like Olaplex or other Bond Builders to heal the hair first.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the colors ash and silver and coal are very hard to hold. I recommend the use of luxury brands like Kevin Murphy and R & Co and keep out heat and chlorine and avoid washing it every day. It is important to remember that silver, gray and coal are fashion colors that are much like blue, violet and red. They are not meant to have a permanent life in your hair.

Using toning shampoos and using your salon for 6-week toning sessions will help keep your color fresh and minimize unwanted heat that can come back when the color fades. This color is not ideal for clients who wash their hair every day or use hot tools daily to style them. The amount of maintenance is not worth the stress on your hair or your wallet.

Be prepared to pay your stylist top dollar for this service. These color services can take up to three hours and require multiple processes on the hair. It's always important to buy the recommended aftercare so your stylist's hard work does not wash down the drain!

Black to silver

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Purple and gray

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

A smoky look can only be torn off by a smoldering beauty! The right mix of steamy colors in the ombre style.

Coal to Ash Blonde

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Oooh, this color has some ideas. Get ready for some killer bleach sessions and you can achieve that smoldering hair color.

Gray to pink

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

A candy silk that is somehow pink with a shade of gray? – Yes / Yes. This unlikely pair for gray ombre hair will make your hair grow so long to swing that twice as much.

Gray to blond

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

A platinum bomb we never knew we needed! Layers and curls seal the deal on this new icy look.

Brown to gray

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Blunt Balayage is equal to Ombre! Their beauty is enhanced with an atypical smoky function. Gray ombre hair becomes really flattering with the smoky touch to the color.

Dark to ash gray

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Sultry and surreal, gray is this color that is not that loud, but in any case you deserve several head turns.

Gray and red

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Give your monochromatic hair a sip of sienna. Absolutely highlights this pastel color wonderful.

Turning from light to dark

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

There is so much you can do with this color that you will be surprised by the tones and shades that you can play with.

Black to gray

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

Always let these cookies and cream drip so smoothly. You can not be leaner than that!

Dark to light gray ombre

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

The stylist Jessica knows about an ombre! This black to gray ombre hair color combination is just divine!

Blue and gray ombre hair color

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

This blend of gray and blue magically creates an ethereal hue of evergreen. A bright color, this is guaranteed to make you shine. A blend of blues makes gray ombre hair seem mystical.

The 14 coolest gray ombre hair color ideas

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