Straighten your hair with wire buckle Method Buckle straightened hair

Straighten your hair with wire buckle Method

Straightening your hair as desired with tools and can make even a short time. However, over time your hair with this method is broken and lights. If you no longer wish to flatten it with your hair straightener with, or similar products or straightener you is ruined and you have time to grind the hair dryer to everyday hair and material means you do not if you want a long Whether your hair with a bobby pin so which model or your hair, no matter what the length will flatten at the same time without breaking will be shaped in a healthy way.

How With Wire ?

You should use this time to do before the first wash the application do not use hair conditioner as in a normal way. Because your hair moisturizing conditioner longer to remain flat and will help to be soft. This method is ideal for the summer months more. Because you can not set up it is required after you wash your hair. Because towels and hairdryers and swelling can cause your hair to frizz.

Hair care cream or similar products to soften your hair Apply to your hair. Then take 4 or 6 pieces depending on the sheet thickness and density. Browse all the gentle pinch and swell and slowly insert anywhere equidistant from the wire buckles. Follow the same procedure for the other pinch. After inserting the wire buckles your hair in a towel to wrap your head out wire buckles and give time to wait for one night. When you wake up in the morning you must remove the wire buckles in a very gentle way otherwise your hair can be painful and can distort the shape of your hair. The latest application is a scan of your hair. Scan not brush your hair gently with a wide tooth comb. Flatten your hair and you will see that it is soft to the touch. Enjoy your long straight hair you can use as much moisture in your hair.

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Straighten your hair with wire buckle Method Buckle straightened hair

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