Spring 2018 fashion trends

Spring 2018 fashion trends

When we analyze the collections of fashion designers, we can understand what will be fashionable in the spring of 2015, namely, what will be popular and emphasize the feminine beauty and style. And again, fashionable coats and jackets and interesting accessories are in fashion. Particular attention is paid to models of dresses and suits with bright pictures. As for the color, we can not say for sure, because in fashion are the pastel shades and the color scheme. When choosing your style, do not forget comfort and convenience that should not be in the way of fashion news.

Coats and short coats

A beautiful and elegant coat will be very trendy this season. With its help you can easily improve your femininity and give the silhouette style. Beautiful coats can be seen in the collections of designers like Miu Miu and Max Mara. Her creations look very tender and romantic. Rich golden color variations could be seen in the presentation of Jean Paul Gaultier and the length reaches to the knee.

The short coat is as trendy as the long coat. Do not hesitate to choose models from the collections of the same designers Miu Miu, Hermes and Saca. They look very stylish and will be fashionable this spring.


Not to forget jackets, which are a must in your wardrobe. These can be simple and laconic, such as those of Miu Miu, Irfe or with a more complicated cut, using additional accessories such as Sacai. These jackets can perfectly complement any outfit. These combine perfectly with skirts and dresses, as well as with pants or jeans.

color range

Designers recommend this spring, so as not to be afraid of bright colors and to enjoy the purchase of clothes in bright and intense colors. However, we must not forget the white color that gives us positions and is as topical as last season. For those who prefer more conservative colors, pastel range is very topical. These are beige, cream-colored outfits.

Bright palette

The bright yellow and faded pink was featured in the spring show of fashion house Miu Miu. The Brend tells us that we should not be afraid of contrasts and the use of a single color in several shades. Another designer ZAC Zac Posen combines blue and deep red color perfectly in his outfits. Instead, House of Holland presented admirers with a bright green suit with floral prints. Such an outfit is ideal for spring mood and brings only joy and suppleness.

If you’re still thinking about what to wear in the spring of 2015 then pay attention to colorful outfits from well-known designers such as Nanette Lepore, Issa and Topshop Unique, combining multiple color blocks. Instead, fashion designer Peter Pilotto recommended wearing clothes that resemble the rainbow more so that vivid and intense colors are present.

Such bright outfits will always raise the spirits and attract the attention of the people. With such a spring collection, no girl will go unnoticed.

Delicate pastel tones

Delicate pastel colors are enjoying great popularity this season. Champagne and caramel colors perfectly emphasize girls’ femininity and elegance, so you definitely need to buy an outfit in those shades. Designers such as Tibi, Victoria Beckham and BCBG Max Azria used such a delicate shade in their collections.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Spring 2015 fashion will necessarily include outfits in pastel shades that come from the past season. So do not be afraid to look a bit unnoticed, with such dresses and suits you can highlight your personality. Current models can be seen in the collections of Tibi, Jill Stuart, BCBG Max Azria.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Light blue, pink, ivory – all this will certainly enjoy an incredible popularity in the spring.

Whiter than white

The white color will undoubtedly be particularly relevant in the spring of 2015. She looks very fresh and will certainly attract a lot of attention.

This color is actively used in the shows by such famous designers as Hermes, Greg Lauren, Michael Kors.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

This season you are definitely buying clothes in white. Such a fresh outfit will become the trend of the spring season and you will be the center of attention.


Designers are also actively using different prints. Choose this spring’s original outfits, which are decorated with floral motifs and interesting ornaments.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

For example, Peter Pilloto presents his admirers a cheerful dress with geometric figures. This outfit looks very feminine and interesting. Fashion designer Osman decided to combine more prints in his model: squares, circles and abstract paintings. A.Detacher used in his collections interesting animal ornaments.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Those girls who prefer the leopard print can enjoy this season being back on the podium in one of Juan Carlos Obando’s collections. A delicate floral pattern in outfits is also used by fashion designer Jason Wu, while Osman presents a dress decorated in a white circle. This looks very stylish and will surely please many girls.

All designers say that using drawings and beautiful embellishments on outfit not only does not load, but also looks incredibly exciting and stylish.


In the spring season, we should pay attention to basic styles that are addressed by fashion designers. For serious ladies who want to look stylish at work, their austere lines will be ideal office options. For those who value comfort and convenience, the designers also offer a full line of clothing. The sport style is appreciated by more active and brave ladies. And of course, this spring clothing will be up to date. Although there is no presentation that does not have denim clothes.

Office dress code

Very stylish and elegant dresses that fit well with the office dress code could be seen in fashion shows by Altuzarra, Jason Wu and Porsche Design.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

In the spring of 2015, traditional office fashion will be emphasized in laconic forms and straight lines, which in this case perfectly emphasizes the femininity and sexuality of the female body. For example, Zac Posen presented in his collection a very elegant and elegant pencil dress in a simple cut. Dior advised us not to be afraid of bright colors and recommended completing the black pants suit with a red cardigan.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

The office chair can be incredibly beautiful and funny and that confirms the collections of many designers. At the same time, they can underline the business style, femininity and self-confidence.


Outfits that make you look fashionable and at the same time feel comfortable and easy – that’s what designers want to promote this season. Believe us, it’s easy to combine style, beauty and comfort. The Creatures of Comfort, Pam & Gela, for example, recommend combining clothes with loose pullovers. This outfit looks very comfortable. Tomas Maier combines jeans with loose shirts.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Loose clothes could be seen in Tibi’s collections, while designer Greg Lauren created a beautiful, loose-fitting suit that looks very stylish and up-to-date for the spring season.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Spring Fashion 2015 will be very easy and comfortable. No strict lines and tight fitting clothes – everything has to be very comfortable and easy.


The sport style is chosen by self-confident and active. They look very beautiful and attractive. Such outfits recommend us to see famous designers like Adidas Originals & Topshop, Paul & Jou and Rita & Adadas Originals.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Denim always in fashion

Jeans Trousers and suits are not losing relevance and will probably inspire many designers again and again. They can be found in collections by Rebecca Minkoff and Gucci. Instead, the designer Margues Almeida offered not only jeans, but also light clothes.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Jeans pants were also present at the Maison Martin Margiela and the Irfe. A beautiful skirt made of light denim recommends us to wear the fashion house Kenzo and a long dress – Stella McCartney.

Spring 2018 fashion trends


Much emphasis is placed on beautiful and stylish accessories, as these can emphasize a certain accent in an outfit. Therefore, hats appear as additional accessories. For example, Max Mara uses hats with shoes in the shade. Particular attention is paid to shoes that come with closure or original jewelry, such. from Giambattista Valli and Givenchy.

Spring 2018 fashion trends

Separately, we want to mention the most feminine accessory, without which no woman can imagine her life – the handbag. This can be very different, for example, the fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier recommended wearing a large sack bag in bold colors, Dries Van Noten created a suede bag with fur inserts. A very stylish and beautiful model. Ladies who prefer smaller models, designers like Chloe, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci offer compact and elegant designs. A beautiful flower bag was observed in Chanel. With such wonderful accessories, no woman will go unnoticed.

Spring 2018 fashion trends



Spring 2018 fashion trends

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