Spring 2018 color trends

Spring 2018 color trends

Although the autumn weather still exists outside, it’s the perfect time to find out what the fashion outwear trends are for the spring-summer season. Today we will show you which fashion colors for spring 2014 are the most sought-after and sought-after garments of a fashion lady. According to the international organization Pantone, the upcoming season promises an explosion of unexpected combinations of pastel shades and piercing juicy hues.

The world’s leading fashion designers are now ready to tell us about the colors that will come into fashion in spring 2014.

Leatrice Eiseman, Managing Director of the Pantone Color Institute is convinced that in the new season consumers want to strike a balance between the demands of modern fashion and the inner feeling.

The harmony between the vibrant and memorable decisions and fashion brands within their own preferences is achieved through the use of unusual combinations of clothing. Therefore, the new season comes with a picture that combines both the pastel and the intense colors of clothing in the same place. Trendy colors of Spring Summer 2014 are selected by several fashion specialists based on sociological studies. Customers of fashion brands want to be exceptional and at the same time wish for stability and a natural balance of nature.

The triumph of pastels

There are 3 spectrum colors that will be trendy in the Spring-Summer 2014 season. These colors can be combined with vivid and bold colors. These three colors remind us of the beauty of the natural colors that together bring us to a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic balance.

Placid blue

The shadow of the summer sky, penetrating and clean, reminds us of the Mediterranean coastal midday somewhere in the wild. To make the placid Blue outfits Look fabulous, pay attention to the texture and style of the fabric. The ideal solution would be bulky patterns, geometric pressure and clean lines.

Spring 2018 color trends

Violet tulip

The shade of a variety of snowdrops, violets and tulips recalls the awakening of nature and its original beauty. This color choice is ideal for dark-haired women with blue-gray eyes.

Spring 2018 color trends


The mint colors have become increasingly popular in recent seasons. And finally, Hemlock is in the top 10 most fashionable color of the spring of 2014. Blond hair ladies wearing a light skin tone will definitely have a fragile and delicate appearance.

Spring 2018 color trends

The harmony of neutrality

To find a balance and at the same time create a different outfit for a romantic date or a social event of the day, the best choice of shade is neutral beige or silver. We recommend choosing between warm and cold shades depending on the skin tone.


In contrast to the proposed saturated shades of gray in the top ten Fall 2013 trendy colors , the Pen version differs by its lightness and purity. The Paloma tint will look perfect on iridescent evening wear. The final look of the outfit is a dress with a laconic cut and in solid colors.

Spring 2018 color trends


A tanned skin tone goes perfectly with the beige colors. This shade reminds us of the powder clay, almost a beige rose, and is quite different from the cold camel wool. If your skin tone works better with warm tones, sand will be a great help in creating a variety of looks.

Spring 2018 color trends

Hot Notes Spring 2014 color trends

The hot summer season comes not only with the desire to have a cold drink and a fire mood, but also a sparkling fun and cheerful colors in the clothes. For this reason, the pictures you present with the spring 2014 colors contain at least three bright and juicy hues.


A peculiarity of dozens of fashionable colors of the coming spring is the lack of “acid” colors. Even the luscious colors like cayenne resemble ripe fruits and differ in their natural brightness. The clothes in cayenne tones must be unique in our wardrobe, otherwise the whole image looks geeky and not stylish.

Spring 2018 color trends

Celosia orange

In contrast to the trendy tangerine color of the past season, the current orange color has a warm and subdued tone. It looks perfect with carrot or peach lipstick shades and pale skin.

Spring 2018 color trends

Bright accents

We often experience a splash of color and emotion in our wardrobe in our wardrobe. For such moments, the specialists of Pantone recommend us to wear saturated and bright colors. Even if you prefer simpler shades, an accessory in a juicy hue will make your outfit more attractive and unique.

Spring 2018 color trends


This is a real summer color. The intense yellow will be perfect for those who prefer to get rid of the winter cold by completely changing their clothes.

Spring 2018 color trends

Iridescent blue

This is the most popular color of recent seasons, the intense blue. Spring 2014 comes with this color in Dazzling Blue shade. This shade will work perfectly with platinum or chestnut hair. If you want fashion and exquisite look, choose dense textured fabrics in plain colors. In summer 2014 prints, the blue looks perfect when combined with white and turquoise accents.

Spring 2018 color trends



Spring 2018 color trends

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