New HairStyles For Women – The Salon Experience new hairstyles for girls

New HairStyles For Women – The Salon Experience

Before you commit to your next hair salon visit you should take one or two things into consideration to ensure that your visit and the experience meets your expectations.

Make sure that you choose a salon with a specialist hair colourist stylist. She or he will know more about colour and techniques than a general stylist.

Discuss your ideas with the colourist before committing yourself, and ask for advice – a skilled colourist will know which colouring techniques are right for your hair cut and lifestyle.

Make sure the tone is right. If your skin tones are cool, stick with cool colours. If they are warm, choose warm colours. Remember to always choose the right colour for you.

Talk about any chemical and colour treatments you’ve had – even if they were a while ago – because they can affect results.

Find out how much retouching your roots will need, and get a quote. If you’re not happy with the colourist or the price, try another salon.

Pick your colourist’s brains on the best aftercare and styling products to keep your newly coloured hair in good condition.

Before attending your colouring session take into consideration these quick tips for a successful visit so that your hair will get the most out of the colouring treatment.

Wash your hair a day or two before your colouring session – not on the day itself – and give it an intensive conditioning treatment.

Wear a round or low neck top, a collar will have to be rolled down to protect it from colour splashes, and this could be uncomfortable.

Take a good book or a magazine – you could be at the salon for two hours or more.

Have a final chat with the colourist about what’s happening to avoid any misunderstandings.

Once you have had your hair coloured, give it a couple of weeks to settle in. Then, if you’re not happy with the look, go back to the salon.

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New HairStyles For Women – The Salon Experience new hairstyles for girls

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