Latest Hairstyles for Teenagers in the Post-Twilight Age quick and easy hairstyles for latest hair

Latest Hairstyles for Teenagers in the Post-Twilight Age

I was looking at the latest hairstyles to parade the catwalks this season, and I really have high hopes that we’re past the Twilight trauma, both for girls and boys. Maybe the world is finally ready to move on, and the teenagers are relieved on the pressure of looking half-dead (as if there’s not enough pressure in their lives to begin with).

 More Natural Latest Hairstyles

The trend started by Twilight favored an overly artificial look, supposed to match the thousand-year old teenagers in the movie. The teenagers I know are however just a decade and a half old, and I love seeing them with the more natural latest hairstyles, that make their young beauty shine. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get a tan in the following decade.

 Less Pressure on Teenage Boys with the Latest Hairstyles

One of the amusing features of the Twilight fashion was that, for once, it put a lot more pressure on boys than on girls. When the latest hairstyle was that of Edward Cullen, anybody who wanted to look by the latest standards had to spend hours in the mirror before going anywhere.

With this season latest hairstyles, things are a bit different. The very short, military-style cut is back in fashion (probably due to the millions who gave up on the Cullen look and had no solution but to shave their head to erase the mess). For longer cuts, the latest hairstyles favor the smooth, slick look that’s very difficult to maintain, but at least it’s worth the effort.

Subtle Colors for Girls with the Latest Hairstyles

With the Twilight haircuts, girls had it pretty easy: the long, straight, black hair of Bella Swan was easy to copy, and the most attention it required was to be twisted into a pony tail every now and then. The latest hairstyles however encourage the curly, full and bouncy long hair, which is much more sophisticated than Bella’s innocent look.

But the best piece of news is that, since they’re not vampires anymore, the latest hairstyles encourage teenagers to experiment with colors and shades. No longer limited to convent black or icy and shiny blonde, the latest hairstyles are now exhibiting subtle shades and accents, from the honey blonde to the ash blonde that I’m so happy to see making a comeback this season. And the brunettes can also spice it up a little with highlights, at the very least, of burgundy or chocolate cherry. Redheads are also making a strong comeback, with several of the latest hairstyles beautifully adjusted to their every nuance, from auburn and pomegranate to my all time favorite, the copper shimmer. Next time you’re looking to add some glamor to your hair, you might want to ask your stylist about these colors.

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Latest Hairstyles for Teenagers in the Post-Twilight Age quick and easy hairstyles for latest hair

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