Latest Hairstyles for New Blondes golden blonde highlights

Latest Hairstyles for New Blondes

So you’ve decided to jump right in and see if the old saying that blondes have more fun is actually true. And now that you’re a new blonde, you have to look into the latest hairstyles to see what suits you best.

A Greater Variety among the Latest Hairstyles for Dyed Blonde Hair

The first thing you should know is that you’ll find a lot more options among the latest hairstyles than natural blondes. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s true: the blonde hair is very fine, and requires a lot of attention and care; as a dyed blonde, you don’t have this problem. In time, the hair may be damaged and deteriorated by the dye, but for now, you may enjoy all the options.

 The Latest Hairstyles for Short Hair

The best way to protect your new blonde hair is to keep it short. It will stay healthier, as you’ll be cutting out the damaged tips very often. The latest hairstyle that shines this season for short hair is the bob cut. For best effects, it should be shorter in the back and slightly longer and angled in front; it’s a look that will always stay fresh and young.

Latest Hairstyles for New Blondes golden blonde highlights
Latest Hairstyles for Short Hair

 The Latest Hairstyles for Layered Looks

Most of the new blondes will go for the layered cuts, to show off their new color. With the latest hairstyles, this cut has the advantage that you can add more shades and accents and experiment with your new color. If you have a long face, and you’re worried that layered long hair will make it look even longer, don’t worry, and ask your stylist to cut the shortest layer in front, chin-length.

 The Latest Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs will never go out of style, they just subtly adapt and change a little each year. For the latest hairstyles, avoid the equal bangs, that are rounded in. (Remember the trademark Mireille Mathieu look? Probably not, because that was in fashion half a decade ago, and it’s definitely not making a comeback. It may be pulled off by a brunette, but clearly not by a blonde.)

For the latest hairstyles with bangs, go for a manga look, side-swept and cool. This is the easiest way to add texture to your hair.

You should keep in mind that dyed hair requires a lot of maintenance. If you go for a long, curly or sleek look, but also if you decide for the latest hairstyles, bob or with bangs, you’ll have to visit your hairstylist quite often to maintain your new cut and color.

Latest Hairstyles for New Blondes golden blonde highlights
Latest Hairstyles with Bangs


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Latest Hairstyles for New Blondes golden blonde highlights

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