How To Improve Your Micro braids Micro Braids Hairstyles for African American Women

How To Improve Your Micro braids

Micro braids are fun to have on your hair and meant to last for a longer. However, they start to become spoiled and damaged if not taken care of properly over times. You could loose a lot of your hairs if again do not maintain it. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your hair braids

Wash your hair frequently as it is very much necessary in case of micro braids. Rub the scalp between two braids. Use dandruff shampoo regularly instead of regular washing shampoos. Use some herbal conditioner if want as it keeps the hair smoother and makes ease the braids. There is much moisturizing spray you can sprinkle over your braids making it polished and shiny.

Try not to excess by using any types of heating tool including blow dryer, that will damage your braids and have more chances of hair falling and becoming dead and frizzy. One of the most important easy ways of recognizing the damage of your hair and micro braids is when you feel pain and discomfort over the whole process. However, this will not have a continuous pressure on your head making it more likely your hair will fall out.

Ask your hair specialist refer to the advice of your hairstyle to maintain and remove the hair braids in an exact manner. Some stylist advice waiting for four weeks after micro braiding your hair to get it washed for the initial time. Apply proper quantity of shampoo and conditioner as heavy conditioner result in flaky scalp that will be tough for micro braids.

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How To Improve Your Micro braids Micro Braids Hairstyles for African American Women

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