How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

Few men in the world have locks worthy enough to attain a god-like status, and as an actor who had to play a true Norse god for most of a decade, maintaining this status was a precondition for Chris Hemsworth ,

The Australian lead actor is fortunate that his character Thor has undergone a hair-raising regime that resembles his own at this time. In the first film of the franchise, he wore long hair up to his shoulders, but at the third Thor: Ragnorak, Hemsworth wore a more practical, shorter, more chaotic harvest.

It's an experimental hairbow that most men go through in their 20s and 30s, while their hair is plump and you're young enough to pull off most looks.

Here's a look at Chris Hemsworth's best hairstyles through the years, and ask top hairdresser Bradley Smith, creative director at Bradley Smith Hair, how to get it yourself. You may not have the body of a god, but the hair is much less work.

The superhero swing

One of the problems with flitting between short and long is that in between you will surely get an overgrown mid-length. The key here is to go to your hairdresser for regular trims and use the right products at home to control them.

"Allow about 4 inches on the top so that the hair can be shuffled at the sides and the top is overlined with the edge," says Smith. "Get a paper cut for a softer and more natural look. Make sure you leave enough hair on the front to style, but too much length and you will struggle with styling.

"At home, apply a lotion of hair to towel-dried hair and work with focus on the roots, keeping your hair moisturized while providing a natural hold throughout the day. Use a slightly glossy pomade as it provides some support but retains the natural look with a slight sheen to keep the hair looking healthy. "

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

A Calculated messaging

An everlasting classic, this dirty short back and sides will fit most hair types and face shapes, but especially those with rounder faces where the style can distract attention from the roundness. Slightly thinner hair can also work better as thicker hair needs more care to reduce weight and keep it light while styling.

"Ask for a paper cut over a comb on the back and sides that leaves less than half an inch behind. You then want to create a ragged look by cutting the hair at points on it to create the shape while you work with the movement of your hair. For styling, add a dash of sea salt spray and work from the base of your roots to create more volume and style. Blow dry your hair and shape the basic shape of the hairstyle with your hands.

"With the outline of the created style, put a coin-sized amount of matte paste in your palms and let it heat up before you run through your hair."

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

Caught in the middle

This slightly longer, medium-length hairstyle, which moves from the last cut a little further forward and down, serves only to Hemsworth's megawatt cup, especially the cheekbones, further emphasize and at the same time to reduce the forehead.

"Ask your hairdresser for a multi-layered cut with about 10 inches for the back," says Smith. "A multi-layered cut consistently creates motion and texture. In this style, the emphasis is on the back, where it almost falls into the mullet area, with the sides are stepped over the ears. Complete with a point cut that reduces weight in bulky areas and creates a textured surface. "

Too much washing creates dryness for the hair for so long. Natural oils are essential to keep hair fresh, but also maintain your hair at least once a week to keep it soft and well-groomed. "To add shine, try a light pomade for some shine," says Smith. "Sea salt spray can be used to give the hair a natural wave feel."

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

Long hair, do not worry

A combination of the return of grunge and '90s style with a welcome loosening of the dress code at work means you no longer have to come from Asgard to wear long hair nowadays. The growth process can be very painful, Smith recommends that you go to your barber every six weeks, even if it's all about cutting off the splits and removing weight.

"I would also say that wavy hair is best for this shoulder-length hairstyle because you can take advantage of the wave's natural kink when styling it. For this styling, use a couple of aerosol sprays to supplement the natural motion of your hair and create a texture with more volume while still maintaining a natural look.

"Finally, you can add a pomade that will give your hair a light sheen and make it look revitalized."

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth


Since the second half of the 17th century, the ponytail is a popular addition to men's hair. At that time these hairy appendages were tied with a silk ribbon. We would say that this is a little extra for today's taste, especially if you can just use the hair strand of the other half like Hemsworth here and tie the tail back to be neat and tidy.

You have to have shoulder-length hair if you want to bind it as such, about 14 inches, says Smith. "But I would avoid using rubber bands," he warns. "They'll just break. Invest in a few hair bands. "

You also have to exercise a little more care when you come out of the shower. "You want to smooth back towel-dry hair because it's easier to style than dry hair. Press your fingers from the forehead back to the crown. You want to tie the knot two inches above your neck, but you can play with it and see what's comfortable for you. "

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

At Odin's beard

Okay, not as long as Odin's, but the same short, dirty crop as before, gets a little bit ruttier with the addition of facial hair. To get your own beard, Hemsworth-prettier, you need to trim it on your beard trimmer every two to three days for about a five-point protection, says Smith.

"To trim the neckline, use the two-finger method, place your first two fingers on the top of your Adam's apple and use the top of your index finger[als Markierung], Shave everything off. Then connect this point over your fingers with the back of your ears and create a U-shape. "

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

How to get the best hairstyles from Chris Hemsworth

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