Best Bobs for Round Faces short bobs for round faces

Best Bobs for Round Faces

The best bobs for round faces are the widest part of your face is near your ear and cheek. Generally, round faces come in two varieties one has naturally round-shaped full looking face and other is round faces of someone over their ideal weight. Whatever your round face reason in order to cut a bob haircut ensure a balanced look for the face.

To create vertical focus keeps the sides smooth and straight with little volume. Drop the length of the cut to the neck as opposed to stopping at the chin as you would like longer face. If you have a round face keep hair chin length curly or chin length bob. Shapes are flattering if you conscious about overall appearance that keeps you looking balanced and attractive.

Layering your bob haircut is a simple way to ensure that the thickest part of your hair is not about your cheeks and ears, somewhere your face is the widest. Ask over your hairstylist to cut shorter layers on top of your head, and leave longer layers close to your face.

Conventional bob is chin length. However, many people with round faces have trouble wearing chin length styles as it makes their hairs to look too wide. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair as if he were cutting a classic bob, but adjust the length. There are some grand makeup tips for round face of how to enhance your features and highlight your beauty. There are many tricks and makeup is an excellent way to optically get longer your face.

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Best Bobs for Round Faces short bobs for round faces

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